Friday, 20 September 2013

i've been busy, ok?

I've been busy. So get off my case.

I haven't had time to blog.

Usually I make time. I know. But this time I really over extended myself.

You know I believe I'm superwoman, right?

Well, turns out I'm not.

This month I bit off more than I could chew. I tried, but I had to spit something out. A few somethings in fact. Like blogging. And vacuuming.

Now that things have slowed down a bit, I thought I might take the time to catch up on a few things. 

Like blogging.

And vacuuming.


Even the dogs are ready to move out if the standard of living doesn't pick up around here.

So, what have I been doing that's kept me away from here and enabled me to build a close relationship with the dust bunnies under couch?

Well, I'm still working 5 days a week at the moment.

I'm still grooming one day a week. 

I entered an art competition, a salvaged art competition, committed myself to making some items for a shop, and started an art course one evening a week. I did 2 paintings, 3 salvaged art projects, 3 art projects for the course and am still making products for the shop...

No one does excess like I do.

The only things I've managed to do outside of the above are:

1. do the washing on a regular basis
2. do the dishes on a semi regular basis
3. clean the house once or twice
4. ride Cass a few times
5. sleep occasionally
5. discover I have osteoarthritis in my left thumb and a wrist injury in my right hand
6. put up the coat rack I brought home from my grandmother's house on Paros.

This coat hanger now hangs outside our kitchen door in the mud room and holds scarves and beanies.

I love those little faces on the hooks.

On the arthritis and injury, its a horrible bummer. I need my hands for everything I do. (Like, doesn't everyone?) But you know me! I'm always doing stuff, making things, painting...

I was very depressed for a few weeks.

For one thing, how long can I go on grooming dogs if I have a problem with my hands? I love grooming dogs. I love dogs! I hate the thought of letting my little friends down by  not being able to groom them any more. Plus, I was rather counting on doing more grooming and less work in a 'real job' in the future.

Now I have to rethink everything.

I'm feeling a bit better now, though still sore. I ate a lot of cake and chocolate. That helped.

As long as I can be creative I know I'll find myself again and be happy.


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