Friday, 7 February 2014

barbed wire hearts

Its been a long time since I shared any creative projects.

I've been busy OK?

Anyway, here are a few (bad) pics I took of some barbed wire hearts I made not too long ago.

I found some barbed wire at one of the tip shops and collected it to make some hearts. Once the basic heart shapes were made (thanks Wayne, you're a wire genius and not afraid of barbs), I used finer wire to decorate the hearts.

First I made a spider web. I used some craft glue blobs to create a dew-drop look on the web.

Another is a bit more random in curls and webs.

Last is an extra curly one with pink wire highlights.

One of these days I'll get creative again. Meanwhile I'll be better off diverting my creative energy to clean out the guest room. And the office. And paint the railing on the porch.

Strangely enough I'm actually looking forward to actually doing all that. I just can't seem to find the time!


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