Saturday, 26 April 2014

i made a door - and kitchen update

I've always wanted to make a door...

I finally made one.

Isn't it beautiful?

Ok... so its only 11in high.

Its still a beautiful door!

Its part of something I've been working on for the new kitchen... Hopefully it'll be ready to share soon.

Meanwhile... the kitchen progresses.

Today the cornices were all finished. Some of the corner trims went up. The hole for the sink was cut. The bench edges were rounded. The bench was glued together.

Tomorrow Handyman says he'll finish.

I really really really hope so.

Cause even after he finishes the kitchen won't be ready to use.

I figure it'll be next weekend before we can actually use the kitchen.

What with getting home late Mon-Wed, I won't have time to get much done till Thursday. Not that I won't plan to.

I always have the best intentions. I plan to get my entire To Do list done in 2 days. I plan to.

I never actually do.

Things always take longer than I plan they will and I'm tireder than I plan to be.

What is it about plans, mice and men...?

Well, either way, its getting closer... I can almost taste my own home cooking... I really miss pasta. And home made soup!



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  1. thank you for visiting all the way frrom tasmania! =) i love love the beautiful door!!


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