Monday, 2 June 2014

not quite what I'd planned to do...

I had a plan.

I was going to do a ton of stuff while at home this week.

I was going to empty the office and sand and polish the floor. And the small hallway floor. And paint both spaces. And finish a couple of projects.

But I told myself, this was not the time to start new projects. I had to concentrate on the office. And hallway. The floors. And walls.

Well... I started on Sunday. It took me two days to empty the office of furniture. Mind you, I had to move it all somewhere, right? The living room seemed the most reasonable spot for it all.


Plus, I had to set up the old coal burner (my old pc) cause the new whiz bang laptop has gone to hospital. I think it had a loose cable in the hinge area which caused interference when I moved the monitor... which, by the very nature of a laptop, you do often. Not good.

Actually, it wasn't just that... I've also got a sore back. Since last week. Just in time to do the hard work I'd planned. Great.

No wonder it took me 2 whole days to empty the office. No need to push myself too hard, right?

Being Superwoman, I've been working through the pain and not let it stop me, just slow me down.

I also spent a fair bit of time shopping on ebay.

Ugh. I just couldn't stop!

I need an intervention... I shouldn't be allowed near ebay...

Still, I'm getting there. I think. I'll let you know soon.


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