Friday, 3 April 2015

the anti-rabbit

I did take 'before' photos of this rabbit. 

I did.

But I can't find them anywhere!

I got him from the 'free to good home cause they're too ugly to sell' pile at the tip shop last time I visited. The poor bunny had one bead eye (as you can see on his right) and the other eye dangled from a thread halfway down his neck.

Pretty gory looking.

He had the pocket and the red striped ears you see, but no mouth and he was just plain... boring.

I thought I could pretty him up a bit... by making him a monster rabbit. The anti-rabbit of Easter, so to speak.

I gave him a zombie mouth, a mismatched eye, a spotty heart and a few darns and patches. I think he looks much better.

So does my little rat-like creature. He's smitten. Been offering the rabbit flowers since they met.

Hope everyone has a great Easter.


Shared at Knick of Time Vintage Inspiration Party!


  1. I adore your anti-Rabbit. Brought me alot of joy to see him....

  2. I love these two! And, your story about the rat-like creature offering flowers is a scream!!! I wish you lived next door!


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