Monday, 25 May 2015

rustic rooster

I'm tired so this post will be big on photos and light on witticisms. 

I'm having trouble keeping my eyelids open... I apologise, however I did want to share my second entry in the Art From Trash exhibition.

This entry is about 70% recycled and 30% art. I really wanted to combine my art with my trash. 

I used a piece of thin MDF which I got off the back of a 2nd hand frame, I decoupaged pages from an old book onto it. I then drew this gorgeous rooster on it using pastels.

Once the artwork was finished I sprayed it with matt picture varnish to set the pastels so they don't smudge. And then I framed it.

I've had these bits of wood in the casita since we bought the farm. They've obviously come off an old house... probably this one. I'm thinking they're door or window frames.

Whatever, I loved the chippy look so I kept them thinking I'd make something out of them one day. And the day came!

I'm not a particularly good framer. In fact, I suck at it. But I did what I could, I used small brackets at the back to hold the frame together, then I used old hardware on the front of the frame to add a bit more rust to my rustic...

My rooster is for sale, hopefully he'll find a good home cause I really don't have the space for him at home. 

Then again, I can always make space...



  1. I love him! What size is he? I love the little embellishments you put on the frame, too. Now, get some sleep!

  2. I dont have exact measurements, but he's roughly 1 meter across if that helps... so big. Impressive. :)

  3. very handsome rooster...drawing...what a gift!


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