Thursday, 7 May 2015

what is a tip shop? and who shops there?

So, what is a tip shop?

Sometimes I forget that not everyone knows that a tip shop it, and in fact, neither did I till I moved to Tasmania.

I'm not sure they even have them on the mainland...

A tip shop is a recycle shop (more or less) which sells stuff which people have thrown away, to other people who:

1. love junk
2. have no money to spend on 'good' stuff
3. love old stuff
4. don't like spending tons of money on 'good' stuff
5. prefer to make over stuff they find someone didn't appreciate, to make something wonderful.

Basically, the 'tip' is the rubbish dump. Thus a tip shop, is the rubbish dump shop.

Doesn't sound so nice when you put it that way, does it?

But I love tip shops, and I've gotten a lot of great stuff from tip shops. Even greater once I finish with them.

Let me explain -

First a trip through a tip shop to illustrate what they're like. Sort of.

Then a few projects made using tip shop finds:

pallet top bench
kitchen table
rubbish bin lid photo display
kitchen chairs
industrial desk lamp

There's more. Way more. But that explains what tip shops are and how great they are!


PS The only reason the armchair in the photo is not already in my shed is cause I have no time!


  1. Now the TIP shop makes sense. It's a great program. Do you follow "Things I Find in the Garbage" ( It's a guy in Canada who goes through the trash in parts of his city (Ontario?). He says that Canada throws away more stuff than any other country. Anyway, he finds great stuff in the trash and shares his finds with the world. He also sells his stuff on eBay and yard sales. He is on a one-man crusade to save stuff from the dump. They should have TIP shops! PS. I like the armchair, too!

  2. Never heard of him but will look! Yeah its a great idea. They call them re-source centers. LOL


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