Sunday, 21 June 2015

wire work by him

I can't ever say Wayne doesn't give me romantic gifts. He's always making me hearts and flowers out of barbed wire. This is one of his creations, its about 8in tall and made of barbed wire, old roofing iron and a chunk of old wood.

The other day he got some new copper wire and made this cute little cowboy boot. I'd been sending him all kinds of links of cowboy boots made out of wire but Wayne always does things his way. Its a boot with a spur and a lasso.

(Ok, I made the rowel - that's the spikey bit on the spur - cause I wanted it to look cuter.)

Then there's this trapped man. Its a tortured sculpture, isn't it?

I love his wire work. He's so imaginative, which is why I wanted to show off some of his stuff.



  1. Wow! I really like the wire art. He does awesome work. (And I like the added touch you made with the spikey bit on the spur.)

  2. Thanks Jackie, from me and him! :)


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