Monday, 14 September 2015

a wire teapot

What do you get someone who has everything?

A proper sized teapot made of wire of course!

This little beauty is made of a combination of galvanised and copper wires. 

I had planned to enter this in a competition but changed my mind. Its now for sale at the Handmade Emporium in New Norfolk along with other items I've made.


Friday, 11 September 2015

subway sign for a baby's room

I've always loved subway sign art in general, and having one with baby's details on it would be the perfect gift.

When my brother's partner had a baby earlier this year I had the perfect excuse for creating my own subway art for his bedroom.

I found on an online store which does canvas prints and got measurements for one of their canvases. I used Adobe Illustrator to design the sign to the right size. It was like a jigsaw puzzle, fitting the words in together.

I love doing stuff like that.

Once I had the artwork finished I saved the file as a jpg and uploaded it to the site, selected the canvas size I wanted, made sure it looked how I wanted and ordered it.

Its a decent size at 16 x 20 inches.

It arrived last week and I've got it all packed up to go.

How cool is this going to look in baby Angelo's room?


Saturday, 5 September 2015

simple jug suncatchers

There is nothing new to share, but since I have a bit of time (nothing but time) I figured it was time to catch up on some projects I've had to share for ages.

Below are a couple of simple stainless steel jug suncatchers. I made these as part of a commission for a birthday gift. Basically I had an order for one so I figured I may as well make two while I was at it.

They're really, really simple.

1. Find stainless steel coffee pots, milk or water jugs at an op shop.

2. Bend wire into spout.

3. Attach chandelier crystals (or beads, or whatever you want) to the wire.

4. Admire.

The second one had a broken knob on top so I glued on a broken earring for added bling.

Easy and pretty. Normally I'd use old teapots but my collection was low on those so I used what I had.

Another variation, for when you have a jug without a lid, would be to put a succulent in the pot - suncatcher with plant! What more could a girl want?


not quite what i envisioned

The title was meant to refer to the project below, but its now also referring to my weekend... my week...

Its definitely not what I envisioned. I had plans to groom and work in the casita, tidy the house (which needs it, believe me) and generally be active. Instead, I've been in and out of bed since Thursday.

Seems I have one of those illusive flu bugs going around. It started with a kind of premonition type pain in my head and throat on Monday night. Tuesday I had headaches and a dry cough. Wednesday I was getting chills, coughing and sneezing and feeling irritable.

Then Thursday I woke up with a chesty cough and feeling like I'd been hit by a bus. I stayed at home most of the day but had to go to the chemist in town.

I thought that taking a day off would nip it in the bud and I'd be back at work on Friday.... Uhuh. I woke up worse on Friday. So I went to the doctor. She gave me some antibiotics just in case there's a bacterial component, said drink lots of fluids, don't skip eating and rest, rest, rest.

I've had to cancel all the grooming appointments I had this weekend and the worst of it is I don't even have the energy to work on my own craft projects in the comfort of my armchair!

What makes it worse is that I'm having elective surgery on Tuesday so I need to be well by then... and then I'll be recovering from that!

Talk about it all hitting at once.

But enough of my woes. Thought I'd share something with you that didn't turn out as planned and, though its not a total failure, it sure ain't what I envisioned.

I had this little tray. I wanted to make it into a key rack. So far so good, right? Easy.

It was painted in a cream oil paint with some acrylic over it, not very good, so I sanded it, cut out a key shape in contact paper, then sprayed it using a black and then ivory. I sprayed the hooks ivory as well.

I then sanded it back to distress it.

I hated it. It was bland.

So I decided to use oil based blackboard paint to liven it up.

This is what happened:

The paint just chipped off!

Ok. I love chippy paint, but I didn't want to lose it all!

So I rubbed off the loosest paint, then sprayed it all with clear varnish.

The chips are now stable. And the whole thing is gloss.

Oh well, can't have everything!

I put the hooks in (drilling into the side like that was a challenge and the hooks are all crooked as you can see...) and put a wire hanger behind it.

It is what it is.

Someone might love it.

I hope!


Tuesday, 1 September 2015

a hardworking little box

Guess what?

This post isn't about something made with wire!

This is a little project I've had on the go for quite a while... Took me ages to finish it, then ages to get around to photographing it. But here it is...

I started with a plain box on castors I picked up at a tip shop. I couldn't find any before photos and, natually, I didn't take any before I began work on it. It was all the same colour you can see inside in the pic below - an orangey stained timber.


First thing I did was sand back the outside and give it a coat of paint.

Or four.

I started with white, then pink, then turquoise and lastly a pale grey. Mainly cause I couldn't make up my mind, but also cause I wanted it to look patchy.

That was the easy bit. Then I had to make a box for the drawer. In theory, how hard is it to make a box?


I made the front using a collection of timber bits from the hardware store bin. Then I used some 12mm MDF to put the box together. I cut the pieces, put glue on them, then delicately balanced it all together and used masking tape to hold it together till it dried.

Yes. Masking tape.

What do you use?

Here's the front view of the box - its made up of three offcuts glued and nailed together, then stained to match the interior orangey colour. I also dry brushed the front with some of the grey.

I chose a rusty antique handle from my collection. It had some green patina on it but I added to it to give it more character.

Here it is finished.

Not bad for a project that took me something like 3 months to finish...

So, what would you use it for? A handy side table with storage. A bedside table for a futon bed. Put a cushion on it and its a footstool.

I'm sure it'll come in useful for something!