Sunday, 31 January 2016

chalkboards with spoon chalk holders

Long ago while going through a mad chalkboard phase. I made these two chalkboards from the doors to an old cabinet I trashed. They were the only solid timber parts so they were worth keeping. 

I'd forgotten about them and failed to share, so here goes...

...'cause its been too quiet on the creative side lately!

I used milk paint on both of these doors for the surround and water based chalkboard paint for the middle. I bought the milk paint on ebay in powder form from a seller who makes his own and uses it on the rustic furniture he makes.

I love the colours. I bought 5 of them... but I find it hard to work with. Actually I am pretty sure I'm not using them properly yet..,.

Still, the results are pretty good. Especially since I doubt I'm doing it right.

The bluey green is called lichen. Nice name as well as nice colour.

Given they're doors and basically the same design flipped, I gave them the same chalk holder - a bent spoon.

I mean... why not?

I finished them off with DIY rusted eyelets and wire for hanging.

Kinda cute, even if I do say so myself.

I'm sure you'll agree.


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  1. Love that color "Lichen"! Nice project! Gosh...if I could only get my butt in gear...I need to make some cards and play with paper!


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