Thursday, 30 June 2016

steampunk faerie jacket

Today I'm sharing the work wearable art entry in the Art From Trash competition. This steampunk jacket was made by a ladies art group I work with.

It started with a jacket from the tip shop and a ton of odds and ends.

We collected anything we thought would work on the jacket and basically hand stitched it all on to get the look we were after.

We really wanted a bustle and that was added using layers of tulle from the discard bin.

We used stud earrings and other small bits of jewelry on the bustle to give to added interest.

One of the sleeves was cut short and re-finished with black velvet lace and beads.

We decided to run the decoration down one lapel and down one side of the back, bringing it together on the lace sleeve.

All the 'junk' we sewed onto the jacket is quite heavy so we had to make sure it was balanced. 

It turned out well and the ladies were all proud of being part of the project.


Tuesday, 28 June 2016

faerie dress or something like that using tea bags

I've wanted to share this dress for ages, soon as I finished it really, but had to wait till after the art show. I'm doing it now with some hesitation... typing with one finger takes ages and seems to block my creative thinking.

However, here goes. I'll give it a try.


I wanted to make something special for the 2016 Hobart Art From Trash competition. I wanted to use lots of fabric scraps, lots of whites and natural colours. I wanted to use tea bags.

My dress was inspired by dresses like this:

and this:

in my frocks or art board on Pinterest. Aren't the just FABULOUS? Wow. If I was younger and slimmer this is how I'd dress!

Anyway, I went through all my scrappy bits. I had tons of cotton fabric pieces in various shades of white so I began the dress by sewing together pieces and then sewing used tea bag fabric to the bodice.

Here's a glimpse of the front before the tea bags. I dyed some of the lace, ribbons and fabric with tea to tie it all in together better.

Since I'm no seamstress, I had a few glitches along the way ... mainly figuring how to fit the dress in such a way that it would be adjustable to different sizes... and to make it so it could be worn by a real person, not just a mannequin in an exhibition.

Lacing up didn't work

A belt worked better, but still wasn't quite right.

The armpits were too big and messy...

In the end I could avoid it no longer. The dress needed darts at the bust. That helped shape the bodice.

I also kept the lace-up idea - using it on each side of the front, under the breasts, and the back. Mismatched buttons and jute string are decorative but also useful in fitting the dress at the waist.

The dress itself has a few scrappy layers on the skirt, but in order to make it richer, I added an 'overskirt' using a thick, tea dyed satin ribbon. The ribbon adds an extra layer of fabric and ties at the front like a belt.

I dressed it up with an old, discoloured wooden bead necklace which I hung rusty items on.

I'm in love with it. But it is for sale if anyone is interested in it for display or to wear!

Thus ends a long post with many photos and not so many words!


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Monday, 27 June 2016

rag peg bag

Another quick and easy sewing project. This time its a peg bag with a crazy quilt heart. The pic above shows the front - the heart is the opening you reach into. It's made of scrap curtain fabric I had on hand and colourful tiny scraps for decoration.

I used the cut out heart on the back for extra interest, using orange scraps.

In the end all I had to do was fit in a wire hanger and its ready to use.


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new couch cushions

When I got our new couch, I really wanted some new cushions...or new cushion covers! The old ones were in reds and browns in keeping with our older look. Plus they sported the odd chewed corner thanks to a younger Romeo.

Now I wanted something brighter... some light blues, some pink, some yellow maybe?

Originally I planned to make all the new covers using my crazy quilting technique. Like this one where I used fabric scraps to create hot air balloons against a blue scrap backgound.

But you know what? I had some pretty fabrics I didn't want to rip up. They made very pretty covers as they were.

I make cushion covers the easy way - like pillow covers - no ties, buttons or zips.

The pink one is my favourite. The fabric piece wasn't wide enough to do the entire cover, so I had to improvise. I picked some complementary plain fabrics and added a couple of colour blocks. It worked great!

So, a quick change for a different look in the living room.


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Sunday, 26 June 2016

one finger typing

I had an accident on Friday morning. It involved a competition between a horse, a wire fence and my fingers. The fingers lost. But it could have been so much worse - and in my quiet moments I run horrible scenarios through my head of just how much worse it could have been.

So I'm thankful that all my stupidity cost me was the entire top slice of my left hand middle finger. Basically the tip of my finger broke and the nail, nailbed and surrounding tissue is probably still out in the paddock.

I was able to drive myself to the doctor but my finger was beyond their capabilities, so a friend took me to emergency from there - which incidentally moved really fast (note: if you plan to injure yourself, Friday morning is a good time to do it). They checked me in but I didn't get surgery till the next day. I couldn't eat or drink  for hours and hours. I've had a skin graft and am now all wrapped up and in "downtime" mode till they check it out in 2 weeks.

At least that gives me a ton of time to catch up on all the projects I've had ready to post about but never had the time... and to watch 3 series of Game of Thrones.

Meanwhile, farm news - Chipmunk foundered so he's on a starvation diet, poor little man.

Everyone else is well despite the huge amount of mud around, Dirty dogs won't be getting a wash any time soon!

We had a pretty visitor last week:

Thats all for now. One finger typing sucks!


Wednesday, 8 June 2016


When life hands you lemons, make lemonade they say.

So, you're prepared for lemons - you set up a lemonade stand, line up some sugar and get your juicer ready.

But life sends you prickly pears instead - and not a knife and fork or armoured gloves in sight!

I've been in the country capital (Canberra, not Syndey, for my American friends) and have been for a week and a half now. Feels like 5 weeks...

Oh, there are no direct flights to Canberra from Hobart any more, so I had to take 2 planes, and by the time I stepped off the plane I was sick with the flu.

I arrived late afternoon only to find funds hadn't cleared in my credit card and I was in trouble hiring the car I'd organised. I was ready to sit down and cry. But the great guys at Redspot Car Rentals (HUGE plug for them, they're wonderful!) worked it out for me and I was soon on the road.

I've been sick the entire time I've been here, only really starting to feel human today. Wonderful. I came here to see my brother who is sick and guess what? I gave him the flu too. As if he didn't have enough pain already.

I gave it to my cousin Mayia who I'm staying with as well as a few other members of the family.

Share and share alike.


I'm only telling you this so you know why the silence. I have a ton of projects to share which feel like old news now, but they haven't been written up or shared cause I've been too sick and have limited access to internet.

So, I'm fine now. Almost. Surely. And I'll be back to flood ravaged Tasmania soon to see if our driveway is still there.

And then I'll catch up.

I promise.