Tuesday, 6 September 2016

when a fry basket becomes a cloche

Don't you love a quickie? Quickie project I mean!

I've had this base for quite a while. I originally made it for a birdwire cloche I'd made but ended up finding the perfect antique silver base for instead. So this wooden base just sat in my workshop, gathering dust.

As I prepare for the garage sale, going through everything I own and evaluating it, I found the base and thought, I wonder if the old sieve food cover I made would fit it? I know I have photos of that but I can't find them right now so take my word for it... Anyway... Nope. It didn't fit.

So I looked around and what did my eyes alight upon? A fry basket.

I tried and and it fit perfectly!

All I had to do was give it a wash, spray it antique white and find a knob that suits. I went with a tiny wooden knob which more or less matches.

And voila! A quick project finished.

Isn't it nice when things just work?

And a quick project only takes 30 min and one year to complete.


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