Monday, 22 May 2017

moving to wordpress and other catastrophes

I decided to bite the bullet. This will be the last post I do on Blogger. I'm not going to delete the blog, just begin putting new posts on my Wordpress site.

It has to happen sometime... I may as well jump in.

I haven't finished tweaking my WP site but I figure I'll learn as I go. And you'll forgive me if things stuff up... right?

Up till now I only blogged for fun. Now, while I'm still blogging for fun, I'm also trying to get more exposure for some of the things I do - like the doll repaints I'm selling in my Etsy shop. Its a whole big world out there and I'm really lost in it. There is just so much out there and I don't know where to start or where to go!

I've been on ebay the longest, I think that was the first thing I did when I got online: buy stuff on ebay! I love ebay!

Then I built a website for my art, then for my poodles, then morphed that into a hub leading to all my web pages and 'stuff'...

I'm on Facebook of course. I resisted for ages and then one day my cousin Zefi asked me to join cause she was tired of people contacting her thinking she was me. I use it all the time now, both to keep in touch with friends, to share stuff, buy stuff and keep in touch with the local community and hobby groups I belong to.

I'm on Pinterest. That was easy... I love the way it acts as a kind of library for ideas as well as a source for research. A great place to find inspiration.

I opened a CafePress shop and sold quite a few of my poodle design Tshirts. I don't do much with the shop any more, but I still sell stuff through there which is nice.

Then I opened an Etsy shop which I did nothing with for years...

I joined Instagram last week. It seemed the right thing to do. I'm still trying to figure it out..

I started trying to setting up my Google+ page or whatever that's called. I'm no where close to figuring out how that works or what its for... sharing pics like Instagram? Sharing posts like a blog?

If none of those links work... well, welcome to my world. And to think I'm not completely ignorant when it comes to computers. Sheesh...

I'm not on Twitter. Yet. Or SnapChat. Or whatever newfangled app is out there now.

I'm so confused. I mean, how on earth do you keep track of (or tame!) all these pages????

I can barely keep up with what I have and I always thought I had a pretty big online presence.


I'd love some advice from other bloggers on how you keep track of, stay on top of and organise all those different pages, apps and profiles online! I realise that its part of 'the job' of being a blogger and seller, but I find that I start doing a bit of online work and three hours later I'm still here, still going...

Anyway... I'm going to jump right in, with both feet. I'm not even going to hold my nose. Oh, ok, I'll probably hold my nose... I guess not deleting my Blogger blog (ie this one!) is a way of holding on to some kind of security while I plunge into the great unknown...

From now on my new blog address will be;

My next posts will be shared from there.

Please by patient when blips happen, as they're bound to do. I'm not sure how to make sure it all runs smoothly. I think anyone who used to follow my blog will have to 're-follow' the WP blog. I'm not entirely happy with the layout and widgets of the new blog yet so there may be (most likely will be) changes made to the live blog. Just grin and bear it.


Sunday, 21 May 2017

a quick magnet board

What would you do with this ruined whiteboard? It was disgusting. The paint was flaking off, it was stained. It looked like it barely survived the plague.

But the frame was so rustic and sweet. The back was ok but green. And it was metal, hence magnetic.

Well, if you're me, which I am, you spray it white and use it as a magnet board in the office.

I always thought I needed an idea board in the office. So now I have one. I'm using my vintage earring magnets to pin up images for inspiration. 

Excuse the messy office. Well, I did crop out most of the mess to save your eyeballs.

On the shelf to the left you can see my remade dolls covered in plastic while they wait for their forever homes. Top right is my memory box of Billybear, with his paws cast in plaster. My darling little man. And below that is an icon in a silver filigree frame given to me by my aunt in Greece.

Its my office. Its full of stuff that I like and which means something to me.

Right now its buried under about 50 projects I have on the go...


Saturday, 20 May 2017

old window window chalkboard #2

Time just flies when you're having fun busy. Don't know how it is with everyone else, but working from home sure doesn't mean I have more free time. If anything, it means I have more to do than ever.

I mean, there's the grooming, which is work and must come first. Then there's caring for the house jobs, garden and animals. Often the house and garden don't get their share of care. And then there's crafting and DIY-ing and just plain making stuff. Sometimes that gets pushed aside as well in favour of work or rest.

Still, I'm managing to do a bit here and there between the bigger jobs like clean the chook shed and tending to sick horses. Here is one such small project... the second of the old king billy pine window frames made into chalkboards.

This gorgeous window frame was given a shelf at the bottom - new pine aged with steel wool and vinegar. 

It got a chalk holder as well, this time a sliding door pull I found at a tip shop, sitting down into the shelf.

This frame had much less paint on it so I left it more natural, giving it a couple of coats of polyurethane to seal and protect it and to bring out the grain of the wood.

I really am seriously considering keeping all my chalkboards and covering a wall with them. I think it'd be fantastic. If I had a big wall in the living room or kitchen... which I don't. Too many doors and windows... the price you pay when your house isn't big enough for the stuff you make.

... Maybe I can remove a door or two... we don't need all our doors, surely...


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Friday, 19 May 2017

nostalgia and second childhoods

Who out there remembers these little fairies on a stick?

I remember them. I remember the Show every year in Griffith NSW where I spent the first 9 years of my life more or less. We'd go to the show and ride the rides, pat the animals, eat junk food, get show bags, and I'd always get a fairy on a stick.

I still love shows, but they no longer sell fairies on sticks. Not that I'd buy one any more...

Well, see that little mint green one there? She's mine. I bought her. She now lives in my office.

Yes, the older I get the more I get nostalgic for things from my past, even kewpie doll fairies on sticks.

Am I the only one?


Thursday, 18 May 2017

very distressed turquoise coffee table

I had planned to post every day this week. Well, more often than once a week anyway. But, as most plans, that one went astray. Not cause I didn't have things to share, just that for one reason or another I got busy. Or forgot. Or was just too plain tired.

So, without further ado, here is my very distressed coffee table.

What's it distressed about you might ask. Well... it started life as a brown coffee table. Then it was painted white with a little distressing. Then a puppy or two chewed on its corners. It was stuck in the shed for ages. It was used as a step stool while I built my new grooming room. Then it was shunted into a corner of the shed again... Not much of a good life for a coffee table. You'd be very distressed too!

At some stage I decided I really missed having a coffee table in front of the couch. All this time I'd been using a footstool with a timber tray on it when I wanted to put something in front of the couch. But without a coffee table to fill up with crafty stuff I was being lazy every evening.

Surely you understand that!

So, I went shopping my sheds to find a coffee table for the living room. I can't say for sure this is it, but this was a quick small table that would fit my needs ...for now.

First I had to fix the puppy tooth damage. Then I had to choose a colour. I wasn't sure what I wanted so I went with a colour I had - which I'd used in the guest room. Plus I'd just bought myself a throw from Kmart in that colour...

After painting it turquoise I wasn't sure I liked it. Too much is sometimes too much... so I hit it with the sander. I took a lot more off on the top than on the sides and I'm loving the look.

Its like a work of art. Or like a work surface. Pity I'll cover it with work...

I'm still finding my style for this house, so its a bit all over the place. So much to do. Still. But for now, I have a coffee table I can fill with craft odd and ends to work on while I watch TV. 

That's gotta be good.


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Sunday, 14 May 2017

moving. sort of.

I decided it was time (after over 7 years of blogging) to move to a more professional platform. Wordpress.

Great idea. In theory.

I've also joined Instagram in my bid to be more professional.

Mind you, I don't consider myself a professional blogger, I blog cause I'm a show off who likes to brag about all the wonderful things I make and do. Ok, fine. I love to share and hopefully inspire others to have a go. I'm not kidding myself that I change lives or speak great wisdoms. Let's face it.

I just love sharing things I do and seeing what others do. It motivates me to surround myself with creative people.

So, I decided it was time to take the leap. I bought a domain name. I joined Wordpress. I paid to create a blog. Then I found I have to also pay to point it to my domain. Ok fair enough... Tick that. I had to set it up manually. Tick that too. Its not working yet, but hopefully I've done it all right...

If it works I'll migrate the site over to there later.

Now if I can find my brain I can get to work again.

How on earth do I move the entire blog over? CAN I move the entire blog over? Is it even possible to do that or do I lose all my past posts like I did when Shine went offline and I had to start over on Blogger?

I'm so confused.



Saturday, 13 May 2017

plants for sale

Nothing wrong with diversifying, right? I mean, I groom dogs for a living and I make stuff and I garden. And my garden produces flowers and flowers produce seeds and I end up with more plants and more seeds. Its the circle of life.

As Neil once said on The Young Ones, "we sow the seed, nature grows the seed, then we eat the seed, and after that, we sow the seed, nature grows the seed, then we eat the seed..."

Except for the eating part. I don't eat my flowers. I admire them. Then collect seeds, sow seeds, grow seeds, you get the picture. As a result I have baby plants growing. I can't use them all, so I normally sell them at markets here and there. 

Well, I decided that instead of having my plant nursery along the back of the casita where no one sees them, I'd put some out the front of the new grooming room so my customers can see them. That way, if anyone sees something they like they can buy it while I give 'rover' a new do.

I made the cute little sign using a timber offcut and acrylic paint. The large basket they're sitting in is a galvanised bakery basket I've had for a few years. I put some metal legs on it and for the last 2-3 years we've lined it with burlap and used it to hold carrots for the horses in winter.

I do love my galvanised metal things!

One of my favourite pastimes is moving things around, assigning new uses to old things, etc. 

I wonder how Wayne will feel about the carrot bin disappearing.... hm. He wasn't too impressed with the wood box moving to Stalag 13 to house chickens...


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Thursday, 4 May 2017

easy peg bags

The other day I found myself with time on my hands...

HAHAHA. As if.

Actually I didn't find myself with spare time, on my hands or otherwise. I had to make the time. But this was one project I'd had sitting in a bag on the floor of my office for months. I wanted it gone. Seemed like it'd be a waste to just get rid of these tiny little pants since what I planned to do was a simple little conversion: from tiny people pants to peg bags.

I added patches to them to fancy them up a bit, make them cuter... and buttons on the loops.

I secured them to bits of wood or sticks and make hooks out of wire for hanging them on the clothes line.

This blue jean one is my favourite with its red star patterned fabric patch and the stitched star on the other side.

I even had a dress so I included that in my burst of industriousness. That one has been waiting longer than the tiny pants.

The dress actually is a much bigger peg bag, you know, for those heavy duty washing days. 


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Tuesday, 2 May 2017

renovating the chickens' home (already)

Turned out the ladder I made for the chickens' new home was too steep. Well, even if it wasn't, they refused to use the perch. I'd sneak in every night and grab them and put them on it. The hen would stay but the rooster would just jump off and sleep in the corner on the bottom of the box.

I wondered whether it was the width of the branch that the rooster had an issue with. Maybe something wider would make it easier for him?

Someone in a FB poultry group suggested the box was too open, they needed more protection from the weather.... So, I revisited the whole thing.

This is what it looks like now:

First, I removed the trellis door and cut it down, cutting out a section to make a small door for the hen to get in to the nesting box.

I replaced the branch perch with a piece of timber, sanding the edges off so there were no sharp bits to hurt feet.

I used a large piece of plywood to make the upper door and cut a door into it as an entrance.

Lastly, I used a long piece of barn wood as a ramp. I used offcuts to make little steps on it to make climbing easier. I added a hook to the back of the ramp to hold it securely to the door, and hinged on a walkway leading to the perch.

I mean, what more can I do?

I even sprinkled feed on the ramp to encourage them to explore.

They're totally ignoring it. They prefer to sleep on the bottom in the corner.

I mean, does it matter? No. They're safe in their little yard either way, but what ungrateful little sods! I worked my fingers to the bone for this new improved housing and they prefer to roost on the floor!


I hope the other chickens are more appreciative of my efforts when I redecorate their pen!


Monday, 1 May 2017

old window chalkboard #1

So... as part of the whole getting my mojo back thing, you know, getting inspired and finding the time and energy to finally get to some of the projects mouldering in the various sheds, I have finished a couple of items and started a few more. I'll be sharing these over the next days, weeks, months even if I get lucky and keep the mojo going.

First up I have this little window recycle. I have two of these little windows. I think they're king billy pine but I loved the rustic look of them so I didn't sand them back completely to be sure. I'd say its a good guess as old windows and doors were made of king billy pine which is rare these days. 

I love king billy pine and not only cause of what it is, but cause it reminds me of my toy poodle Billybear... He was the King Billy of my life.

Here is the finished product. Cute. It retains remnants of old paint, mostly on the sides... and where it didn't I added it to create the framed look.

The best bit of this little chalkboard project, in my opinion, is the rusty old hinge I found and added as chalk holder. Its stiffened up so keeps it shape. Plus I've gone over it with a touch of polyurethane to stop the rust from coming off.

If you know me at all, you know I love rust. And old things. And weathered things. I collect almost anything old and rusty. I'm pitifully easy (and cheap) to buy for!

I knew this hinge would come in handy one day.

I gave the whole window a couple of coats of polyurethane to bring out the grain of the wood and to seal it. 

You know, I make a fair few chalkboards. They can be used anywhere, not to mention how handy they are. I'm planning to list this one for sale but in the back of my mind is this feeling I'd love to have a wall of chalkboards...

If only I had more walls in this house!

Really. We have a huge living room with 3 windows, 4 doors and a pass into the kitchen. All the available wall spaces are taken up already. The office is full to bursting with storage and decorative items, so is the guest room... and the kitchen. The only empty wall is in the bedroom but I have plans for that - a photo/memory box wall...

I wonder...


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