Sunday, 14 May 2017

moving. sort of.

I decided it was time (after over 7 years of blogging) to move to a more professional platform. Wordpress.

Great idea. In theory.

I've also joined Instagram in my bid to be more professional.

Mind you, I don't consider myself a professional blogger, I blog cause I'm a show off who likes to brag about all the wonderful things I make and do. Ok, fine. I love to share and hopefully inspire others to have a go. I'm not kidding myself that I change lives or speak great wisdoms. Let's face it.

I just love sharing things I do and seeing what others do. It motivates me to surround myself with creative people.

So, I decided it was time to take the leap. I bought a domain name. I joined Wordpress. I paid to create a blog. Then I found I have to also pay to point it to my domain. Ok fair enough... Tick that. I had to set it up manually. Tick that too. Its not working yet, but hopefully I've done it all right...

If it works I'll migrate the site over to there later.

Now if I can find my brain I can get to work again.

How on earth do I move the entire blog over? CAN I move the entire blog over? Is it even possible to do that or do I lose all my past posts like I did when Shine went offline and I had to start over on Blogger?

I'm so confused.



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  1. Just search for a plugin that moves your posts from Blogger to WP. I did it a few years ago and it was super simple!


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