about me

Hi, my name is Zefi.

I was born in Greece but have spent most of my life in Australia. I've lived in small town Australia, Athens, Greece, Melbourne, Canberra and now I live in Tasmania. 

I went to the Victorian College of Arts in Melbourne, then worked as a graphic designer for many years till the call of the country was too strong to ignore. I moved to Tasmania in 2003 and have been living here and loving it since. 

When I moved to Tasmania I had to find a new career cause design jobs are scarce. Besides, I moved here to get out of the rat race and enjoy a slower pace in the country. I currently work with intellectually disabled people for an organisation which provides day support and recreation services. I love my job.

I love my home more! In the beginning of 2011 my partner Wayne and I bought a farm together. Its been up and down for the last year. Things have definitely not been smooth sailing. But we love our land, even when we have to use the neighbour's drive to access it. (Long story which comes under 'things that can go wrong and do'.)

I have bred and exhibited standard poodles for many years and but no longer show. I've just been loving them and not worrying about keeping a long show coat. Its such a relief. I keep my hand in, however, by grooming for friends for big shows on the mainland.

We share our farm with three and a half horses (one is a miniature), three dogs (though the poodles would argue they're not dogs), chickens, geese, ducks and wildlife. The house was ugly when we bought it and I spent most of my time either thinking about how to improve it or working on improving it.

I first started a blog as a diary for my trip to Greece in 2010 as a way to share my adventure with friends and family. Since then I kept it up through buying the  farm with my partner, moving and, now, making it a home.

I write about our experiences, good and bad, our animals, my art and my DIY projects. I love decorating in a way that pleases me. I'm not happy unless I have a a project or five on the go at any one time. I love power tools and I'm not afraid to use them, with varying degrees of skill.

I'll have a go at just about anything. I paint, needlefelt, craft, renovate, refurbish, decorate, design, and sew with imagination and enthusiasm though not always perfectly. I may not always do things the 'right' way, but I'm happy with the results and that's all that matters.

I hope you enjoy my blog.




  1. Wasn't sure how to get in touch w/ you. You said you could do a button. Wondering if you might could help me w/one. I am very computer illiterate. My topic will be 31 Days of Favorite Things.

  2. Hi Zefi,

    My husband, kids and I look to be doing something similar in the way of farm life here in Tas; we just moved to Hobart this July gone.

    I am looking forward to following your exploits and hopefully learning from your experiences re. farming, DIY and craft!

    To get here, I followed the link from the Tassie Shabby FB page :)

    Cheers, Rosie (Lazy May)

  3. Wow Zefi, you certainly lead a full life. I feel like you are a kindred spirit. I also moved away from New York and went to Greece to get away from the rat race. Unfortunately for me, the rat race followed. It's really nice to meet you. I'll be stopping by from time to time.


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