Monday, 26 January 2015

cleaning and sorting update

Just a quick update before I disappear back into the casita.

I think I'm getting somewhere. I can see the floor now. In the workshop area at least.

I decided I can't get all three rooms organised at once like I'd planned. I thought I could go in there and sort and clean and organise and have 3 tidy rooms in one go. Instead, I'm going to tackle it a bit at a time.

See, here's the problem - I have a ton of stuff taking up space, and even with putting things in the sell, donate and throw away boxes, I've still got lots left.

There are things I'm just not willing to let go of yet. Not till I've made something with them. I got a lot of stuff to redo and make over for myself or to sell, so the only way to move those things out is to redo and make them over and sell them.

So, what I've decided is the way to tackle cleaning up the casita is to work in stages. Stage 1 is to get all the boxes out of the pile of death in the store room, the items in them sorted and distributed to their new homes (here or elsewhere). That way I can find just the right bit to finish something.

The store room is not yet empty and won't be for a while. The grooming room still has stuff in it that don't belong there. For a while. But the workshop is beginning to look like a person can work in there again.

I'm going back to continue on that in a minute, and then I can start on Stage 2. Making stuff and moving it out.

Hi-ho, hi-ho, its back to work I go.


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  1. "Pile of death"! LOL Yep...stages...that's the way it has to be done at times. It sounds like you still have momentum! It's nice to hear your update.


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