Wednesday, 8 June 2016


When life hands you lemons, make lemonade they say.

So, you're prepared for lemons - you set up a lemonade stand, line up some sugar and get your juicer ready.

But life sends you prickly pears instead - and not a knife and fork or armoured gloves in sight!

I've been in the country capital (Canberra, not Syndey, for my American friends) and have been for a week and a half now. Feels like 5 weeks...

Oh, there are no direct flights to Canberra from Hobart any more, so I had to take 2 planes, and by the time I stepped off the plane I was sick with the flu.

I arrived late afternoon only to find funds hadn't cleared in my credit card and I was in trouble hiring the car I'd organised. I was ready to sit down and cry. But the great guys at Redspot Car Rentals (HUGE plug for them, they're wonderful!) worked it out for me and I was soon on the road.

I've been sick the entire time I've been here, only really starting to feel human today. Wonderful. I came here to see my brother who is sick and guess what? I gave him the flu too. As if he didn't have enough pain already.

I gave it to my cousin Mayia who I'm staying with as well as a few other members of the family.

Share and share alike.


I'm only telling you this so you know why the silence. I have a ton of projects to share which feel like old news now, but they haven't been written up or shared cause I've been too sick and have limited access to internet.

So, I'm fine now. Almost. Surely. And I'll be back to flood ravaged Tasmania soon to see if our driveway is still there.

And then I'll catch up.

I promise.


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  1. I'll have a nice glass of lemonade, please! Katie gave me a cold. Katie is much nastier when she's sick than I am...Not that it's a contest or anything!

    We've had quite a bit of flooding here in the US, but not near where we live. I can't imagine it. I hope your driveway is where you left it. Best wishes...Fonda


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