Monday, 3 April 2017

electric heater mantle clock?

Some time ago I picked up this old electric heater. I can't remember where, but I do remember why. It was the shape. I loved the shape of it. I saw it and thought "hey, I can make something out of this".

I brought it home and snuck it past Wayne so I didn't have to listen to a lecture about bringing home more junk.

Then I proceeded to bury it under a ton of crap in my shed. Not in order to hide it.

So, when I started my whole 'clean out the shed, get organised, streamline my life, find the circular saw' kick, I found this little beauty and briefly considered tossing it out.

Briefly. Very briefly.

I just couldn't do it. Sometimes a vision is worth pursuing.

I was seeing it as a lamp. Or a clock.

A clock doesn't need wiring so that won out. I bought a clock mechanism on ebay and proceeded to rip the guts out of the heater. Actually, I didn't rip it all out. I loved the coiled springs so I kept those, just took out all the wiring.

I had to drill a hole in the front mesh to fit in the clock, then put it all back together.

Then promptly pulled it all apart again... The clock mechanism I got came with simple black hands which just didn't work. Too dark.

I took it apart and sprayed the hands with Antique White USA gloss. Much better.

I put it all back together. Admired it a while. Then daylight savings ended. Now I avoid looking at it cause I have to take it apart again to change the time.

I really like it. Its a mantle clock with a difference. I mean, how many people have a retro heater which is now a clock?

And its not that hard to open up... I just have to get out the screwdriver and take out 4 small screws. How hard is that? Not hard at all.

...When I find the screwdriver. I know its on the bench. Somewhere...


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  1. Love it! You certainly have some inner sight that can change one thing into another! This is great...except for that stupid daylight savings time thing that happens twice a year. I wish "they" would put a stop to that. Some areas in the U.S. don't gotta do dat thing, but most places, us included, are stuck with that! We shouldn't mess with time!

    1. I love daylight savings in summer when the days are so long, I must admit. But I'm really lazy about changing the car clock back. :)


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