Wednesday, 25 September 2013

a broken plate

This is a project I worked on in conjunction with a participant at Cosmos, where I work. Someone had broken a plate into 2 very nice large pieces and I thought it'd be perfect to try something I'd wanted to try for ages...

Somewhere on one of my Pinterest browsing days I came across this image and it stuck with me. 

The raised, obvious mending on a broken plate, using gold. Gorgeous.

I gave the biggest of the two pieces to a lady at work who does the most intricate pen drawings and asked her to fill the plate with whatever she felt like. I then took it home and tried to create a similar look without the benefit of a kintsugi repair kit (cause I could find them nowhere on ebay).

On the way home I managed to break it into smaller pieces... but thats ok. It still works!

I used some glue I had on hand which said it would bond glass, and when it was tacky I sprinkled it with gold leaf.

Its not quite the same, but I still think its a good effect. This is one of the pieces we entered at the Art from Trash competition. Hopefully it will sell. The artist will be thrilled!


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