Monday, 20 January 2014

wally and mini me

Never say never, right?

We always used to let horses in the front yard. We had no garden in our front yard.

I now have a garden which I'm loving. I've really gotten into watching plants grow and flowers bloom.

I said "we are never letting horses in the yard again."

Here is Chipmunk.

In the front yard.

Dancing dangerously close to the garden bed...

Chipmunk has been coming into the yard every day. Twice a day if we're home.

So far he's only eaten my blue fescue. That poor plant. It was just beginning to come back from the last time it was cropped by a horse.

He's nibbled on my pink cordyline. He sniffed around the alyssum and got yelled at.

And he's walked through two of the garden beds.

He has no respect!

Chipmunk and Wally have really hit it off. Wally seems totally taken by the little guy and I think he quite likes Wally as well.

So far they've only been allowed to spend time getting to know eachother over the fence. We're not ready to let such a tiny horse in with such big ones.

The really interesting thing is that Wally is Chipmunk's protector as well.

Cas hates Chipmunk. I saw her coming at him, ears back and teeth bared. Wally got between her and Chipmunk, threatening her with bites and kicks. It really is amazing to watch. I'm really surprised too. I really didn't think Wally would take to the little guy. Its beautiful to see them together.


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