Sunday, 17 July 2016

our new old kitchen trolley

Today I thought I'd share the fun makeover of a sidewalk find.

Last year I picked up this pitiful serving trolley from the side of the road. The top was broken off, it had no lower shelf and it had at least 3 layers of bad painting... one of which was peach.

Well, that had to go!

I'd always planned to have a movable kitchen trolley in our kitchen but there's really no room for it. Here you can see the original little side table I planned to make into a trolley for the kitchen.

I brought it in cause Wayne had bought a couple of appliances that were taking up space on our kitchen bench. I needed more space. But this little green side thingy wasn't the right size... it was nice and narrow and had a drawer (missing in the photos for some odd reason) but it was too long, forcing the table over too far.

See that big blank wall? Watch this space...

Anyway, the little trolley is a bit better in proportions. Its not as long so the table doesn't have to get shoved over too far, and its not too wide, allowing the dishwasher door to open when its in place! AND its taller and already has wheels!

It was meant to be! Thank you hard rubbish collection day!

This is a project I got the bug to do one afternoon and I almost finished it the same day. Basically it took me one afternoon and 4 weeks to finish.

Thanks to a broken finger.

I used the off cut of the pine slab I had left over from making the kitchen shelves. I cut it to fit on the top. Since it was a lot thicker than the previous top, it sits up above the trolley sides.

I cut the bottom shelf out of a piece of leftover plywood from the TV cabinet/room divider. (I'll need to buy more plywood to finish that now as I keep using the bits I planned to use.)

The reason it took so long to finish was the whole circumcised finger thing. That put a damper on my creativity for a while. The main work was done though, all it needed to be finished was a couple more coats of polyurethane.

I could do those with one hand.

Once those were done I only had to lug it up to the house using one hand, one arm and one hip.

In pieces.

Then I put it in place and started using it.


Not bad for a piece of rubbish.


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  1. You are driven even with a non-working hand! Love how the trolley turned out. The carving (?) on the top short ends is unusual.

  2. Your trolley looks great - I love the detail on the sides just below the top. Hope your hand is better!

    1. Thank you Ann. Love your pallet box and I vote for knobs!

  3. Hi Zefi, I'm Anne. I'm a first-time visitor fromThat DIY Party. I love your kitchen trolley! Functional, beautiful, and free, my favorite trio! Fantastic job. Anyway, have a wonderful day, and I hope you can drop by my blog ( sometime to say hi!

    1. Hi Anne, love your horse bit toilet roll holder. I made one for us but didn't have the same type of bit and had to improvise!

  4. Hi Zefi, I just wanted to let you know your fabulous kitchen trolley is being featured at tomorrow's Vintage Charm!

  5. You did a GREAT job! Love the color you used on it. Hope the finger is better.

    Have an awesomely blessed day!


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