Friday, 15 July 2016

grrrr frustrated

I'm bored.


And frustrated.

This morning I had a plan. A friend was coming over thus bringing the count of usable hands in the house to three, which would enable me to make a few things.

Like a spanakopita. 

An apple cake. 

An apple crumble (I think its called an apple crisp in the USA... a rose by any other name is just as yummy).

Why the heavy apple leaning you may ask? Well, three weeks ago I bought a ton of apples to bake a few things. Said apples are still sitting there, getting less crisp by the day. I wanted to get it done.

But the friend cancelled on me. So I sit here thinking how hard would ot be to peel and cut apples with one hand? 

How possible is it to kneed and roll out pastry?

Do you know how long it takes to change a broken plug with one hand?

These are serious questions!


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  1. Ahhh...RATS! I'm so sorry your friend canceled. If we didn't live half a world away, Katie and I would be there in a heart beat. Katie loves to bake {but she has to stop!!!}, and I don't mind peeling an apple or two {or a bushel!}. I'm so sorry we aren't independently wealthy and can't afford plane tickets. We would have so much fun, sitting and laughing and carrying on...and, of course, baking! It makes my heart hurt that we can't be there.


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