Thursday, 12 March 2015

'heap of change challenge' johnny come lately

There was one project at the top of my list when I decided to join the heap of change challenge last month.

The office.

Not long ago I shared my office makeover (part 1 and part 2) and the blind makeover. It looked great for about a week.

Then things started piling up. And up.

Soon the office looked like this:

And this:

And this:

Actually, to be honest those photos were taken when I put 'office cleanup' at the top of the challenge list. Then I went on to clean up the workshop, got tired, ran out of time, got abducted by aliens... I just stopped. Cleaning and organising that is. I didn't stop piling stuff in the office.

Every time I came across something I wanted out of the way , I'd put it in the office.

Side Note: Have you ever felt that cleaning is just another word for 'moving things'? Have you ever considered that you will never have the entire house tidy at the same time cause in order to clean one area, you mess up another with things that don't belong 'here' and there's no 'place' to put them... yet... till you create one for them when you clean the next room.

The mess was a whole lot worse than in the pics, but by not sharing those pics I can keep a little dignity... (ha)

Here it is now. After I put everything in the workshop to sort and find a place for later.

Next week I'll be cleaning the workshop again.

I even put initials on the filing cabinets. One for me and one for Wayne, in case Z and W wasn't obvious.

The new/old shop rack is now extra storage for bits and pieces.

There are still a few things to do, get rid of the old desktop computer for instance, but I love the new clean office. So much in fact that I don't think I'll ever use it again.



  1. Love it! Did you make your floor rugs, Zefi?

    1. No. I bought those on ebay. I have some an aunt in Greece gave me but they weren't big enough for the office. I love them. So cheeful.

  2. I'm all for alien abduction as an excuse! While I am cleaning my designated room, I also am putting odds and ends on surfaces where they don't belong. Remember, I have been organized but am just going along and removing what I don't want. I have a pile of the unwanteds, but the stuff that I don't know what to do with are laid on top of places I have already gone through. Luckily, with my next phase, the things I don't want will leave the room, and those things I have laid where they don't belong will also settle into place. It IS an on-going shuffle!

    Your office looks wonderful. I WANT the little multicolored cabinet in the corner! I love it! Maybe by shuffling our stuff around, it will finally rest where it belongs...or we can just shuffle it right out the door! Best wishes.


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