Saturday, 14 June 2014

a pallet wood box

You know what its like - you come into the house with an armload of stuff: some shopping, a bag over your shoulder, your keys, phone and sunglasses, maybe an armload of firewood... you just dump it all as soon as you can, on the most convenient surface usually.

Well, I'm over using the end of our kitchen bench as a hold all for everything we bring into the house or dig out of our pockets.

And I'm even more over Wayne running around the house at the last minute every time we're on our way out going "Where's my phone? Have you seen my keys? What was I wearing yesterday? I can't find my wallet!"

I'm hopeful this little addition to our kitchen will help.

When I made the cabinet/bench I had some pallet wood left over. I used it to make this box. It was much easier than the bread box I'm making (more on that later...)

I had this fancy scrolley thingy I bought off ebay to tizzy up the wardrobe in the bedroom (one day). Given it was still lying around in a drawer when I moved the kitchen dresser from the office to the kitchen (yup) I figured I may as well use it before it got all bent from being stuck in a box and put somewhere safe where I'd never find it again.

In other words, I had this thing so I put it on the box to make it look fancy.

Why couldn't I have just said that first time? 

I painted it in the same blue/green I used on the doors and frame, and, of course, covered it in my favourite 'grime' - burnt umber. That way it matches the chalkboard straight away and I don't have to wait for someone's grimey fingers to make it look old.

I put it on the wall between the doors so that its one of the first things you bump into as you come into the house. The wall in that spot is just plasterboard and as such wouldn't be strong enough, so I put a bit of timber on the wall in order to attach the box securely to the wall. I used some old rusted up hooks and eyes for hanging the box.

I just want to dab a bit of white on the screws to hide them a bit and it'll be finished.

So far its working fine. Its already being used. I'd call that a success.


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  1. great idea and great looks....

  2. What paint color is on the door? One you've mixed or bought?

    1. Hi, its a colour I mixed up then had the paint store match for me. Sorry!

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