Monday, 16 June 2014

repurposed playpen pot holder

You never expected that the kitchen makeover would be done, finito, finished, so easily - right?


Last weekend I put up my new pot holder. Its not really a pot rack since it sits against the wall.

In fact its not even a pot rack... more like a frying pan and wok rack...

Basically, the layout and size of the kitchen doesn't really allow for a pot rack hanging from the ceiling. It would feel like a cave in there, Wayne would always bang his head against the pots... a total disaster.

So I considered the playpen side I picked up from a tip shop once and I've kept it in my shed (that magical place of mystery and treasures), gathering dust like everything else, forever.

I've left it original. That means I didn't do anything to it. All I did was give it a clean and a light sand (mostly to get off some unidentifiable muck). Its got hinges on either end which I used to attach it to the wall, and a hinge in the middle so it could fold in half back in its playpen sides. Its pretty cool.

I think it works pretty well as a frying pan and wok rack actually. Though not big enough... How many frying pans can one home have? Six apparently. That's how many we have. Or, technically, five frying pans and one wok.


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  1. Very original, great looking kitchen, so much character

  2. great idea. looks good....


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