Sunday, 4 September 2016

poodles and daffodils

Today was one of those days when the sun came out for small bursts. And when it did it was glorious. The sky was deep blue. The grass really green. The air was clean and the dogs were excited.

We decided it was time for a romp in the daffodil paddock.

Romeo ran up and down the banks of the creek so many times. Both he and Montana were covered in splattered mud by the time we were ready to go home.

If you look closely you can see Romeo in the creek bad. All you could see was his tail at one stage.

I love happy running Romeo!

And happy, not so running Montana.

In case you're wondering, Barney was there too. He ran too, believe it or not. Just not with as much abandon. He has arthritis and running too much takes it out of him, poor boy.

Can you see the slipper feet soaking up the mud? When I clipped them off I didn't wash them, just clipped off all the curls and dreds. Montana curls, Romeo dredlocks. Anyway, as I was saying, when I clipped them off I didn't do their feet as they were too dirty to risk my blades. They look so funny, slim all over with clown feet.

You can see the colour of their feet today. Oh well. Its just mud. It'll fall off once its dry.

I have more photos but there are enough in this post. I'll share the other photos in another post, less dogs, more our place in spring.

Don't you miss the silent gaps of no posts now?


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  1. You caught one of the dogs in mid air, and it looked like a happy little lamb! Those are some deliriously happy dogs! Dirty feet, flapping ears and lolling tongues! They are having the times of their lives.


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