Tuesday, 2 May 2017

renovating the chickens' home (already)

Turned out the ladder I made for the chickens' new home was too steep. Well, even if it wasn't, they refused to use the perch. I'd sneak in every night and grab them and put them on it. The hen would stay but the rooster would just jump off and sleep in the corner on the bottom of the box.

I wondered whether it was the width of the branch that the rooster had an issue with. Maybe something wider would make it easier for him?

Someone in a FB poultry group suggested the box was too open, they needed more protection from the weather.... So, I revisited the whole thing.

This is what it looks like now:

First, I removed the trellis door and cut it down, cutting out a section to make a small door for the hen to get in to the nesting box.

I replaced the branch perch with a piece of timber, sanding the edges off so there were no sharp bits to hurt feet.

I used a large piece of plywood to make the upper door and cut a door into it as an entrance.

Lastly, I used a long piece of barn wood as a ramp. I used offcuts to make little steps on it to make climbing easier. I added a hook to the back of the ramp to hold it securely to the door, and hinged on a walkway leading to the perch.

I mean, what more can I do?

I even sprinkled feed on the ramp to encourage them to explore.

They're totally ignoring it. They prefer to sleep on the bottom in the corner.

I mean, does it matter? No. They're safe in their little yard either way, but what ungrateful little sods! I worked my fingers to the bone for this new improved housing and they prefer to roost on the floor!


I hope the other chickens are more appreciative of my efforts when I redecorate their pen!


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  1. Just like our cats...give them a store-bought cat tree and they still prefer boxes, baskets and paper bags! Go figure!


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