Thursday, 4 May 2017

easy peg bags

The other day I found myself with time on my hands...

HAHAHA. As if.

Actually I didn't find myself with spare time, on my hands or otherwise. I had to make the time. But this was one project I'd had sitting in a bag on the floor of my office for months. I wanted it gone. Seemed like it'd be a waste to just get rid of these tiny little pants since what I planned to do was a simple little conversion: from tiny people pants to peg bags.

I added patches to them to fancy them up a bit, make them cuter... and buttons on the loops.

I secured them to bits of wood or sticks and make hooks out of wire for hanging them on the clothes line.

This blue jean one is my favourite with its red star patterned fabric patch and the stitched star on the other side.

I even had a dress so I included that in my burst of industriousness. That one has been waiting longer than the tiny pants.

The dress actually is a much bigger peg bag, you know, for those heavy duty washing days. 


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  1. Those are sweet...especially the little dress. I don't use a clothesline now, but I did a long time ago. My grandma did. I remember helping her with the laundry. It was nice seeing sheets flapping in the breeze. Now, how will you distribute them? Sell online? Give away to friends? I'm curious. Take care...Fonda

  2. I've listed them for sale on Facebook and have sold 3 of them already. I do have my etsy shop and I can sell stuff on ebay, but to be honest I really hate dealing with postage!


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